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Friday, March 25, 2011

kamu fikir aku jiwang???

take me into the sky
where love becomes real
and show me how
it's really suppose to feel.
Wrap me in your arms
and never let me go.
Talk to me,listen to me,
and we can show the world
that we can be.
I'll tell you something
random that you'll never
forget and we can laugh
together while we roll
down hills of sunshine.
Catch me when i jump
and when i fall
So when I'm scared,i know
you'll be with me
through it all.

cinta adalah fitrah
utk itu
stp manusia x bleh mengelak drnya
mengelak bererti
mrk menyankal fitrah,
jk manusia x mdekatinya
pasti cinta akan menghampirinya
jk mrk (-)
ia pasti akan menghimpit jg
mustahil utk lari
atau (-)
lisan bleh (-)
jiwa bleh memindahnya
atau membuangnya
ttp cinta
pasti akakn megekorinya,,

umm..copy paste from,,someone,,that i didn't know his real name,,n just know him,,thank you!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


umm,,,quiet a long time i didn't update my blog,,hehhe,,,although i'm on holiday right now,,lol,,but tomorrow i'll back to my school..GOPENG INTEGRATED BOARDING SCHOOL!!!,,hush,,,nevermind,,next week i'll back again,,hahha,,since..KESUMA will be hold at my school..umm,,i'm not feeling well...i got fever,,headache n so on,,huh,,,my family members are not feeling well too...i feel like i'm living in a private hospital now,,hahha,,,since,,all of us are weak,,,,um,,i'm still worry about my study,,my aim,,11A+..INSYAALLAH,,i will achieve it...ameen,,,friends,,pray for our success ya!!..hope all of us will get straight A+ in SPM diz year,,ameen,,,