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Friday, January 28, 2011


2011 seems to be a very important year 4 me since i'll be taking spm diz year,,hahha,,,almost 5 years studying, staying n everything in igop..(integrasi gopeng)..going to be serious in this year...11a+...not easy to get it..
but i believe that i will achieve it,,when there is a will there is a way,,being the student of 5 KINDI,,what can i describe about diz class is STRESS!!..yup..stress,,people around us keep pressuring on us,,urghh,,teachers n parents give hope to us,,,so,,i must struggle starting from now..it;s my responsibility,,responsibility is my priority,,huhuhu,,time's up,,hahha,,(at school;s cyber room)hahah,,,got to go,,daaaaaaaaa...^_^